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CBD E Liquid

CBD E Liquids

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine

Our base liquid is 60% VG and 40% PG. Vegetable glycerine is a benign and natural substance which is derived from vegetable oils. It is a common ingredient in food products and benefits from a naturally sweet taste. However, VG does not carry flavour as efficiently as propylene glycol which is a synthetic organic compound. Research has shown PG to be safe to ingest. It is possible to experience an allergic reaction to PG, although this is very rare. This substance can negatively impact the immune systems of cats and so should be kept out of reach of your pets.

CBD Production

Our CBD is extracted from hemp which is organically grown under optimum conditions and so features the highest possible concentration of CBD. Hemp has been harvested over many centuries for a variety of applications. However, the hemp oil and CBD in our products is extracted via the most modern, reliable and efficient production method. The extraction process is environmentally friendly, sustainable and produces the highest levels of purity.

Through organic farming, cutting edge production methods and stringent testing, we offer safe products which are free from pesticides, herbicides and mycotoxins.

Relax and Enjoy

Our premium CBD liquids are quite simply second to none. The purest ingredients ensure superior products which are enhanced by the delicious flavours created by our talented experts. What more could you ask for?